After a serious long-term study of the European market of furniture , our company has come to the conclusion that the furniture market no analogues of this furniture. Therefore, we have decided to offer you this type of furniture - SKAF.EU. It combines the versatility of features to improve the living comfort.

What do we sell ?

We present to your attention a new convertible furniture for small bureaus, offices , children's rooms or small apartments.
The furniture is made of plywood ( laminating, veneering , dyed ), or other materials on request.

The rear wall of the material is mounted on the customer's request : Plexiglas , plywood or monopolikarbonata .

When folded, the furniture covers an area of just 0.6 square meters The cabinet has a plurality of shelves for books or folders , table and shelf for the computer , as well as additional folding table . For a child's room or small apartment is offered with the option berth .

The furniture is very economical : getting such furniture , you save space , money and air ( environmentally friendly material ) .
Function : ordering the furniture, you provide yourself and working and sleeping place .
If you have a small office , then closed his workplace , you can ensure the safety and confidentiality of your documents ( closing offices key) , and make room for any events (conferences , meetings , parties ) .

Imagine that you have purchased the furniture and look from the outside, as the transformed space of your life !